Lovely Day Planning the day |with Helena

Necklace: Triangvlvs
Yesterday, me and Helena met at a coffee shop to plan our Saturday, we were planning to go to some workshops but things didn't quite work as we wanted them to.

We didn't demotivate and we decided to spend Saturday together, as planned previously, but doing something else.

We are going to take a walk in a gorgeous city, take lots of photographs and go to a store inauguration. And we are going to have the lovely company of Daniela, from Ballerina Bird.
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Do you also want a Vlog? We never done one before and we were curious to try it. 
Photos by Helena


  1. olha que fotos tão giras. Bom passeio!

  2. O colar é tão lindo !

  3. Que colar giro! Espero que se tenham divertido!

  4. Ameii o colar !! ♥

  5. Workshops? Quero saber disso :p
    Olha eu queria fazer um vlog para a Expocosmética xD mas não percebo muito de edições e assim... Acho que vou experimentar num próximo lanche com vocês x)


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