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Hello, hello! Valentine's Day is here.

Although I think a couple should celebrate their love everyday, I'm not going to criticize people who celebrate it on February 14th, all we need is to share the love, in one way or another.

Love isn't always kind but it is without a doubt a magical thing.

When you love someone you want their happiness, even if it means putting yours in second place. Love is patient, and love understands, always. Love means to forget your pride. Love is a partnership between a couple. Is wanting to do everything with them, and share everything.
Find someone you can trust, that would never give you up and that won't ever stop trying.
But remember that this is a journey that you share with other people (friends and family also count) and you have to give the same amount of love as you receive.

Have you found your perfect someone? How are you going to spend day?


  1. Concordo e sinto tudo isso também! :)


  2. Que texto lindo, concordo com tudo! Apesar de ter passado o dia a passear com o meu namorado, somos o tipo de casal que não precisamos deste dia para "celebrar o amor" :)
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  3. Tão, tão verdade. Mas por essa coisa acho que amo muita gente! <3
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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