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Two months ago me and Sab had a craving, a HUGE craving! We we're feeling a bit low so we went to the market and bought a bag with eight delicious chocolate croissants and some chocolate cookies. 
There's nothing wrong in doing that, except if our skin doesn't like chocolate as much as we do, and unfortunately that's my case. Zits started to appear and although the croissants were REALLY GOOD, I don't think they were worth this risk. 
Well, my bad, right? I always try not to eat chocolate but sometimes I simply can't resist it, I bet you can understand me. 
The soap I shared with you does almost all the work, but this time the zits attacked me really bad. I had to take some extreme measures and bring the big guns.
You just have to do this simple steps to get rid of them:
Talcum Powder or Toothpaste
This is one of my biggest allies to dry zits. I always used toothpaste for that purpose, and believe me it works, but my skin was extra sensitive, from all the invasion, and I had to go with something better for my skin. I don't recommend you to use Talcum Powder on a daily basis but in this case it works wonders, give it a go.

Soap and Water
Clean your face every time you can! You go to bathroom, you clean your face! You go to the kitchen, clean your face. You woke up, you are going to bed? Clean your face.
I think you got it, right? And with this little routine you're going to prevent other ones to appear, which is great.

Hands off
I mean it! Stay off! Don't you dare touch your zits or try to pop them off. Really. If you do you are going to get some acne scars.
I know that it's possible to get rid of acne scars (I will show you how another day) but it's such a long treatment, and you can avoid it by not touching the zits. Do NOT touch it, please! I promise they will disappear quickly without you touching them.
I made my part, now go and kill those little bastards! Do you also use this method?
See you tomorrow, as always at 1pm.


  1. +e... a minha pele também não gosta de chocolate... e nem sequer é só a cara! mas por acaso nunca usei esses métodos caseiros de secar borbulhas =P


  2. This is really helpful as I've just had a massive breakout! Great post xx

  3. Não costumo ter problemas com borbulhas :)
    Mas gostei das dicas!
    Treze Mundos

  4. Pois, o médico sempre me disse para não mexer mas eu sou uma cabeça de alho xoxo. Estou mortinha por esse teu post de saber como posso ultrapassar as cicatrizes. =X
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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