Nailpolish: Andreia + Lipstick: MUA + Lipliner: Elixir Makeup + Sunglasses: GlassesShop
You might know it (or not), but I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I even write "Bad Wolf" in my wrists sometimes and I also draw marks when I see The Silence (wait, what did I just say!???) (see show to understand references, and because it's an AWESOME show).
I'm always using catchphrases from the show and I SWEAR I hear the T.a.r.d.i.s sometimes! That sexy beast!
When I say I'm a huge fan, I'm a really, a really BIG, HUGE, SUPER, FAN. And the people around me sense it, and they give me awesome presents revolving this magical world! This super cute sweatshirt was given to me, as a birthday present, by J. THANKS darling, I love it! 
What are your favorite tv shows? Mine, top 2 favorite, are Doctor Who and Sherlock!
Free your inner geek and be happy! (And don't blink!!!)
Love you!