Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta little black dress. Mostrar todas as mensagens
Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta little black dress. Mostrar todas as mensagens

12 fevereiro 2013

Dress: SheInside ; Shoes: Bata

Hello! Just wanted to show you my new dress from SheInside. Love it, it's even better than I thought! Promise you to show you this dress on another post.

The jumper J gave me today ( he bought it in London *-*) I'm so lucky!
This is me being silly! Love you, ALL!
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26 janeiro 2013

Hi pretty girls!
As you may seen on Facebook, I asked for your help, and you helped me chose this beautiful black dress. As you may know every girl needs to have a black dress in her closet, to wear every single time they say to themselfs: "I don't have a single thing to wear today", well, the answer is: black dress.
I thought that I really needed something like that on my closet, and She Inside gave me the opportunity to choose from a great varity of dresses. 
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The Little Dictionary of Fashion, Christian Dior:
"Black (...) It is the most slimming of all color and, unless you have a bad complexion, it is one  of the most flattering. You can wear it for almost any ocassion. A "little black frock" is essential to a woman's wardrobe. I could write a book about black"
Coco Chanel:
"Scheherazade is easy, a little black dress ir difficult."
Fashion Book:
"Today, the little black dress signifies the ultimate combination of desire and comfort, elegance and restraint, naturalness and fantasy. Its extraordinary versatility has made it a must for every woman. Its feel and style can easily be altered by switching acessories (...)"
And you? Have you already found your perfect little black dress?
Tell me all about it!

Love, M