Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta Locas Biju. Mostrar todas as mensagens
Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta Locas Biju. Mostrar todas as mensagens

13 junho 2015

Photos: Helena

Shorts: Bershka | Shirt: Absolutribut | Bag: Snapmade
Shoes: Skechers | Necklace: Locas Biju | Scrunchie: AnaMade

08 junho 2015

Shirt + Pants: La Redoute | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: Locas Biju | Sunglasses: Dresslink

16 maio 2015

Photos by Helena
My new black kimono has been craved for some of the girls, when I showed it at last bloggers's meeting or even when I showed it to you on instagram.

But that is to be expected because this kimono from Choies is truly beautiful.

When I received this kimono this outfit was created instantly on my mind. My Bershka shorts, my kick-ass tee, my new beautiful-amazing-awesome backpack from Dresslink (that I use on a daily basis now) and my round sunglasses seem to fit perfectly in to my idea of the outfit.

I'm also wearing the most beautiful little blue necklace from Locas Biju. Isn't it the cutest ever?

I really loved the result! And the photos too. And you?

08 maio 2015

Hello darlings!
Just wanted to share with you another lovely store.

Locas Biju has so many likes on facebook that maybe you already know this store.

But if you didn't know it than you really should. This four accessories you see in the photos are from this awesome store! You may have seen some of them flowing around my instagram account, aren't they gorgeous?

I've been using this hair accessory a lot! It's really strong and the cute bow with this amazing black and white print makes it all so much adorable!

And let's talk about this three gorgeous necklaces! They are so perfect! I already used the black tear drop in Expocosmética, the brown one on a daily basis and I'm so excited to wear the blue one, that it's just so damn lovely!

If you want to make a purchase you just have to send an email or a message on Facebook. My things arrived really quickly and in an excellent condition.

They are actually attending today's urban market in Oporto, in Praça das Cardosas, if you are interested in showing up I'll be passing by, with a few colleague bloggers, so don't forget to say HI! if you see us there.

28 abril 2015

A black crop top... seems the most simple thing anyone should have in their wardrobe. Everyone should have at least one, right? This basic and essential street style product was lacking in my clothes' collection, can you believe it?

When I saw this black crop top from Blue Vanilla I knew I had to have it, and it only costs 12£! This black zipped back beauty went straight to my wardrobe, with extra quick shipping! What a joy!

Blue Vanilla had already won me over with their dresses (do you remember my outfit post?), and I was curious to know if they were as good in other pieces of clothing... and they were in fact excellent, iey!

My new crop top has mid length sleeves and it's made with ribbed fabric. It's also available in grey, blue, pink and white.

This kind of crop tops are amazing to wear with high waist jeans and that was exactly what I did! I also added my new amazing coat (getting a bit addicted to this kind of coats) from Choies, my kick ass boots and my black tear drop necklace from the Portuguese store Locas Biju.

This was the outfit I wore to Expocosmética, it was the perfect outfit for an event like this, it was a simple look but stylish at the same time, I felt amazing wearing it!

Did you like the photos and the outfit? Hope to show you some more awesome outfit ideas wearing this perfect crop top! How would you wear it?

Thanks Helena, for taking the time to shoot some amazing photos, and to e-tailPR for connecting bloggers with brands!

You can follow my instagram for extra photos from this day and you can also check out Blue Vanilla's Instagram and Facebook.
See you tomorrow, darlings!