oNecklace has the best necklaces!

It's not a secret that I love the brand oNecklace. I've been using their products for a while now, and I am amazed every time I open my order!
This time I chose this wonderful Sun & Stars Layered Necklace, that it's the most beautiful I have ever seen! Don't you agree?
I think it is a strange thing to say, but I think this necklace gave me the creativity I was lacking last month.

I felt uninspired and not really able to create content. But when I opened the box, when I saw this necklace, I immediately thought of ideas for new content... just like that!

I did a Euphoria inspired Makeup and Video, and when I was shooting that video I felt inspired to create another one (that I think you are going to LOVE - next Wednesday, don't forget).

Why is this necklace special?
I think it's because a necklace is something relatively simple, but they made it as so as it was part of something more, something bigger, a piece of the universe. I don't know... maybe I'm crazy... (or maybe i just like jewellery with stars) but I really love this necklace ahah
You can find it, right now, with a 40% discount! It only costs $23.95 (20.23€)

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