The second grey dress I want to show you is from Zakuz and it is the first product I have from this store. I discovered Zakuz a few months ago, and although the design of their website isn't the best one around, I fell in love with the prices and the clothes, so I just had to give them a shot!

And here I am, with my order, a beautiful grey dress ( I'm addicted, I know ), and I've been loving the dress so much that I've been taking a lot of photos with him and sharing with all of you on my instagram account. ( you can see some more photos of me with it down bellow )

I love how it fits my body, I love the color, I love the fabric of the dress, I love the shape, it's just perfect for me. Having that said, and if you want to check this dress out (or even the store) it is available in three colors, black, grey and mustard green ( I didn't even knew this color existed but it is pretty cool, actually !! ) and it only costs 23.32$ 11.66$, which is kind of amazing for a dress of this quality.

I really hope you liked my outfit photos were I paired my new dress with a leather jacket, and also this other photos I took with this awesome dress.
Ow, and this store opened a few months ago, let's give them some support 
See you in the next post!
I've been told I dress a bit like a "tomboy" and only in black, white and grey. And if I think about it, it is basically the truth. Having that said, you can only imagine why I order this shirt from Dresslink.

Shirts, specially large ones, are a piece of clothing that I have loads in my wardrobe, I love them and I couldn't resist to have another one.

This black and white plaid shirt is so comfortable to wear ( it looks like it, doesn't it? ) and I think it matched perfectly with my outfit. ( Bad ass boots, right? )

I have a few more things from Dresslink to show you, so you can expect a few more fun outfits.
Ow, I almost forgot to tell you, this shirt costs 4.82$, I know... crazy!
Tumblr Girl

A few days ago I had a huge, huge, urge to have a simple grey dress. Don't ask me why, but I really, really, wanted one! Long story short, I have now THREE grey dresses in my wardrobe. They are all different and perfect in their own way and today I want to show you one of them, my super AWESOME grey dress from NewChic!

This dress is available in three colors, grey, blue and pink, and it is on sale if you want to buy it. (Only 12,14$, what a bargain)

I love this dress for a considerable amount of reasons, I love it because it has long sleeves, it has a bit of collar, and that makes it extra chic!, and it has an a-line silhouette, which I really think is the most flattering kind of shape for a dress.

I really hope you like this dress as much as I do!
I have a few more things from NewChic to show you, so please, stay tunned!

Love you! Tumblr Girl
If you know me, at least a little bit, you know how much I love Photography, and how much I love to try new light and color effects. I think that passion of mine can be spotted on my Instagram.

Some weeks ago I barely reached 100 likes a photo and now over 200 likes with cute little comments along with it. 
Instagram is by far my favorite social media app, and I finally (!) created the perfect theme for my account. 
I've been sharing my tips with you on youtube (In Portuguese, sorry) but I decided to share some extra tips here on the blog. 
Almost 90% of my instagram photos are taking by me, only. (My friends don't like to experiment with photography as much as I do... *sad*) But that only means that:
"If I can do it, you can do it!", right?
Do you want to up your instagram game?
The first tip I have for you is to post, a lot. I post an average of 3 photos a day, when I'm sad or busy I only post 1 (or none) and when I simply can't wait to post I publish 4 or 5.
But not every photo will do, if you are a photographer continue to share with your followers your work, if you are a fashion blogger you should be sharing a bit of your lifestyle and if you have a fitness blog share your workouts and meals. Find whatever it is that your followers want and keep delivering it.

And for my second tip for you, take your camera everywhere (your phone will do). If you are going out, take your camera with you, and take pictures of your food, of your friends, of the city, that way you have at least 3 photos to post that day. Don't neglect your friends because of it but have fun documenting your day, that way you can look back to that photos and remember the fun you had that day.

And my third tip is, take only one photo of each scene/object/person, the first one is always the best (unless you know for sure it came out blurry!) and that way you enjoy the rest of the time *living the moment*.

My fourth tip: If you are not going out and if you are planning to stay home *eating & watching tv shows*, why not take the day to make a bunch of photo shoots? In 3 hours you can have some different photographs you can use in different days of the week, you just have to change your clothes, (and makeup, if you want to) and take photos in different spots of your house.
If you want more tips tell me so in the comments bellow. Kisses, M Tumblr Girl

Coat: Shein | Boots: Pull&Bear | Shorts: American Apparel | Blouse: La Redoute
In love with my new coat from Shein! The fact that it is a sleeveless coat makes it a lot easy to create a huge amount of different outfits, which is perfect!

I have some clothes from Shein, and they are all amazing, and I've been craving some new clothes so I decided to make a simple collage with SheIn clothes I really wouldn't mind having in my wardrobe.

(And yes! I'm completely in love with that pink dress!) Do you like the items I chose? And this outfit?

Tumblr Girl
The blog in 2015 - VIDEO
2015 was the year of changes, here in the blog. I posted everyday for almost a year, I started an Youtube channel, I started posting a lot on my social media and I even started a new blog just for bloggers.

I started my youtube channel July 2015 and I really can't believe I ended the year with 3000 subscribers, I'm really beyond myself, thank you!

I also met wonderful bloggers along this year and became friends with a lot of followers.

I've been labeled "tumblr girl" and I received a lot of love from my wonderful followers!

I hope you enjoyed Lovable Maria in 2015 and I hope to see you around in 2016.