Bought more stuff from Vanilla Vice! Iey!

You are going to see everything in detail in the next couple of weeks, here on the blog and on instagram, but I really want to show you what I received yesterday in my mailbox.

Can you believe the cuteness of it all? And the price of that cute watermelon coin purse? I'm beyond myself really!

As I have told you before, I love Vanilla Vice, and I wasn't disappointed with this package, everything was perfect and I can't wait to take a bunch of photos for you!
Oh! And they launched the perfect Sandals! Go check it out!
I've been loving Choies for a while now. Every time any one asks me if I like this store I always say nice things about the store, specially the fabric of every clothes I own from them, they are the most soft pieces of clothing I have in my wardrobe.

Because of that, I decided to create some spring outfit's collages using only Choies' clothes.
Every product is linked to their website page, just click on every single on of them and have fun shopping!

Do you like this ideas? Which one would you wear?
Gonna try to update my Polyvore account to share more ideas with you 
Some bits of my days. Have a nice Sunday!

1. My mean babies! Lovely Cacti
2. A Project I'm working on
3. Fences
4. A bit of my Painting
5. Loving my new socks from Vanilla Vice
I really needed a body scrub! When I made an order at Primor I decided that it was time to bought a new body scrub.

I saw this one in the website at 3,75€ and decided to give it a try. I was beyond myself when it arrived!
The product was so much bigger that I have ever imagined, it smells heavenly and after I tried it I realized that it was actually a great product.

Mine is the Cherry Sugar, but they also sell the Peach&Mango and Melon Sugar. Gonna try those after I finish this one, but I bet it's gonna take a while, it has so much product. IEY!

No makeup, no filters and a messy room. I really love to play my ukulele, even when I should be doing other things more important... I think everybody is a bit like that.

Gonna try to organize my life a bit, it has been so messy and crazy, but I hope I'll never have to give up my daily 30 minutes of ukulele.

Do you know this music? I also posted a shorter version on instagram.

I love to do inventions! I, as a painter, am like a crazy scientist hungry for new creations and new paths. And I'm so glad that I'm like that to other things in my life.

This invention, all of them really, could go extremely wrong but I'm here to tell you that it works and you could try it if you want to.

Imagine that you have zits on your face on top of acne scars, that's one of the most terrible things that could happen. The skin doesn't improve and new zits are always appearing and you just can't seem to get rid of that scars in the process.

As an Avon re-seller I use many of their products, one of them is a wonderful peel-off mask that you use at night to improve your skin and get rid of zits.
This product is perfect to dry pimples and to lighten up the scars, but what if you could add another product to it and make the results appear faster?

Every night I apply a bit of the peel-off mask and then, without wasting to much time, I apply a layer of talcum powder. That way the mask becomes a lot stronger, the talcum powder proprieties will work to dry and lighten your skin, and if you move a lot a night the mask won't come off.
This mask it's perfect because it drys quickly so your pillow stays clean, and you just have to peel it of in the morning.

This two products combined work perfectly on me, are you going to try it?
Products: Peel-of mask (4,5€ pag. 103) + Talcum Powder (+/- 5,5€)

Do you also love to do this kind of inventions? I have a lot to show you, stay tunned and be amazed ahah!

Outfit photos by Helena and Jo
One of my favorite fashion trends for this Spring is Black and White outfits. I've been a fan for quite sometime, I love seeing people wearing this trend but I realized that I never posted a black and white outfit here on the blog, time for a change!

With my ripped black jeans I added a white top, a black cardigan, my favorite kick-ass boots and some round sunglasses and of I went to meet the girls!

This kind of outfit is really is to pull off and we instantly get amazing results!

Here are some black&white outfits from three of my favorite Portuguese Bloggers!
Fashion Mask | My Kind of Joy | An Ideal for Living

All the products are linked to their website page, click on all of them and have fun shopping!
All this amazing products are from Style Moi
We love you! We love you for loving us! And, to celebrate that fact we want to give you a voucher of 50€ to an awesome store, that I bet that you all love, Zara.

Have you imagine winning 50€ to buy clothes and accessories for you and for friends? I know I would love to!

Having that in mind we arranged this perfect giveaway for our dear followers! You are the greatest!

To enter you just have to follow us on GFC or bloglovin and like our facebook pages, really easy!

You also can easily do some optional entries to have more chances of winning.

This giveaway is open to the whole world. Good luck to you all!
The girls:

50€ Zara
Yesterday I met this lovely ladies at Moustache. It was a real fun afternoon, loved it!

I bought the Moka Frappe and it was delicious! The girls said the whipped cream was ruined and "poisoned" me because I was acting a bit crazy after drinking it.

They spend the whole afternoon making fun of me, bad bad girls ahah

We took photos, ate delicious food, talked a lot and we even did a business reunion with the photographer Pedro Gomes, we are such professionals ahah.

This Sunday the blog post is going to be posted at 9pm, it's a especial blog post and you are going to LOVE IT, promise! See you tomorrow at 9pm.

The girls:

VLOG Video without editing | Portuguese
Não se alarmem se ouvirem "Parece que não matas pessoas com uma pá"
Every time I can I'm on Instagram, posting photos, or videos, and liking your pictures.

I've been loving this social media! It's a great place to see creative minds at work or to follow our role-models' daily life.

If you would love me to follow you there leave the link or your username bellow and I'll definitely will.

Today I'm going to meet some awesome ladies, gonna try to take some pictures/videos with my cellphone and posting them on instagram.
See you there?


Are you tired of seeing that message every time you click on a label?
I sure was, and that's why you can't see it when you navigate my blog.

Today I'm going to show you how to get rid of it, and I promise you is the most easy thing I can possibly teach you.
To add CSS go to TEMPLATE page, click on EDIT HTML.
Search for and click on the triangle next to it.
Put the css code before

Copy this code and you're done!
Best class ever or what?

When I did the Lip care blog post I got to thinking. How did I my lips get fuller? And what did I do to turn them like that?

I remembered that it all started with Shay Mitchell's lips, they are so big and beautiful. And did you remember all the Shay's mirror face commotion?

Since then, last year I guess, I started paying a lot of attention to my lips and started taking care of them.

There's only 3 simple steps to fuller lips!

Exercise, Exfoliate & Hydrate

Try to make "Shay's mirror face" some minutes a day, that's all it takes really ahahah And it works.
I've read that kissing also helps, so go get your love and demand some amazing smooches ahah

Exfoliating lips improves blood circulation and that means naturally fuller lips.
If you don't want to buy a lip scrub like mine, you can do one at home. Sugar and water is all you need! Massage gently on your lips, clean your lips with warm water and apply your favorite lip balm.
You can also use a dry toothbrush, but you can also apply to the toothbrush a bit of honey or Vaseline and massage carefully.

Overnight our lips tend to grow a bit, so be sure to put on your best lip balm before getting into bed.
And have it near you all day long and apply it every time you need.